Producing of lyophilisates



Freeze-dried mushrooms

Conducting the process at low temperatures and bypassing the liquid phase prevents almost all degradation reactions in the product, so that it retains all thermolabile components such as vitamins, mineral salts, essential oils.

The water is removed from hard ice and the product shrinks to a minimum so that the food retains the appearance and texture of the raw material.

The high porosity of the products is conducive to rapid and accurate hydration (rehydration) so this makes it easy and fast to get a luminescent product by adding water to it. This ensures that the product is immediately ready for consumption. Many products are equally attractive and eager to eat and also can be eaten it in a dry state.

At the request of the recipient we do individual orders. Both conventional and organic products are offered by us.

Lyophilisates are available as:
  • whole
  • cubes
  • patches
  • grit
  • powder
  • breakfast cereals
  • musle bars
  • instant soups
  • instant sauces
  • spice mixtures
  • desserts (jellies, puddings)
  • fruit and vegetable crisps
  • tea
  • milk products
  • baby nutrition
  • confectionery

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