Producing of lyophilisates

producent żywności liofilizowanej

Freeze-dried fruits


Freeze-dried vegetables

owoce liofilizowane

Dried herbs

żywność liofilizowana producent


producent liofilizatów

Freeze-dried mushrooms

About us

Awima Company Is a producer of food lyophilisates. Our goal is to provide to our clients the highest quality products. By using the freeze-drying process we offer you products that retain the nutritional value as well as the taste and the colour characteristic to the original raw material.

In the field of our company’s activity we sell our own products as well as execute orders of production from the goods entrusted to us. Within the framework of cooperation we offer team involvement, our experience, the knowledge and our technology.


AWIMA Sp. z o.o.

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